In 2019 Aviel Krutinsky completed the development and integration of his own Know-How hybrid technology of the live sound, which allows performing simultaneously the musical scores of the western and classical guitars, bass guitar, drums, as well as the Rhodes piano, upright piano, grand piano, synthesizer, string quarter and symphony orchestra in various combinations together with the live singing. One of the first demo records of the new technology is available here:
7 Live Jam albums of Aviel Krutinsky (recorded in July 2018 with the Tube & Reel technology - three albums in English and four in Russian: 01. "Not from This World", 02. "Boomerang Hit", 03. "Mystery Lights", 04. "Спасибо тебе, судьба", 05. "Лежачий камень", 06. "Это не Русь", 07. "С ветром диким по пути") are now available at the biggest streaming services (register to access): 

At Spotify:
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At Apple iTunes: (There are only three albums in English available at Apple iTunes)

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You can also buy original albums at Amazon:
To watch the non-commercial author's demo videos in the best quality and also to listen in the audio format - visit the author's page in the popular social network VKontakte:
All the non-commercial demo videos are also available on the Youtube channel of the author, however, as we know, this service differs in weak quality and low loudness of broadcast of the soundtracks:
You can download free of charge the author's non-commercial demo audio records in the MP3 format from the "Unknown Genius" service: