Aviel Krutinsky is a composer, poet, guitarist, vocalist, the performer of own music works. Outside the scenic activity - the Master of the International Economic Relations, lecturer of the master classes, the university lecturer (in past), analyst, expert the in areas of geopolitical and geoeconomic security, writer, philosopher, ideologist, inventor, public, political and an underground figure. During the different periods of musical activity was the founder of a number of musical projects and bands in Moldova and Israel among which: The "Patrimonium Rock Band", The "Duelist Rock Band", The "Unrecognized republic", The "Mysterious Medley Rock Band", The "Iron Dome Rock Band" and others. In the period of the end of the 2016th - the beginning of the 2018 Aviel Krutinsky has written and published about one hundred of new songs (in English and Russian languages). At the time of the 2018 Aviel Krutinsky launches three new author's solo programs consisting of own songs (the separate program in English, the separate program in Russian and also a variation of the mixed program) in the musical styles of the Songwriter's Rock Ballad, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz-Rock, Funk-Fusion. The live sound of Aviel Krutinsky is engineered essentially differently, than at the majority of the modern musical projects - the concept of the studio architecture of the sound registration was adapted to the live performance (Studio-Live Sound Concept) that favourably differs from the sound of other performers since it is produced directly on the stage via the mastering processor and the postmasterring tube optocompressor that creates special completeness of the sounding and the noble aura of the lamp sound is its cornerstone. Aviel Krutinsky also uses during the performances his custom built pedalboard of his own design, consisting of two processors (vocal and guitar) and also the separate tube preamplifier for the guitar and the independent preamplifier for the microphone with the feedback suppressor. In the newest variant of the sound Aviel Krutinsky uses the orchestral supporting backing tracks with the 24 bit auiophile studio quality of the live instruments that replaces the whole big band, supplementing the live rhythm guitar and the live voice parts of the author on the stage. At Aviel Krutinsky's concerts, thanks to effective sound concept and the impressive performance, that are absolutely uncharacteristic for only one artist's live sounding, the attracted attention of the spectator is focusing on the the poetic part of the compositions which have serious and very deep meanings and are poetically designed to postpone, as envisioned by the author, in consciousness of the listener the appeals for the love, goodness and justice. The themes of the author's songs are extremely various - from the high poetic flight of the love lyrics, to especially serious socially important, and even anti-devilish, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist motives in the best traditions of classical anti-system music of the times of the Woodstock Festival of the 1969. Many compositions of Aviel Krutinsky differ in extremely sharp semantic loading emphasizing troubles and problems of the world and the society and also condemning the main human sins of all times, and for that Aviel Krutinsky often suffers persecution, blocking and removals on various web resources which don't accep the syllable of honor, the truth, the justice and the challenge which is openly declared by the author against Satanism in the musical culture, against slavery, against the right of the capital and everything that brings harm to the humanity. For instance, at the end of May of 2017 at the central poetic portal of the RuNet - the Стихи.РУ for 11 times "Berliozes and critics Latunskys" have been brutally and groundlessly deleting the patriotic composition of the Master "This is not Russia" and, in addition to that, they have also robbed the poet for 5000 bonus points which he had been earning and saving during two years for promoting one of his best songs at the homepage of the portal... However, the intrigues of the rotted-through gimpers of the system, pathological sinners and simply bad people cannot do anything to stop the dynamics of distribution of Aviel Krutinsky's art and thoughts. Every day more and more people pay attention to Aviel Krutinsky's compositions which are brightly allocated against the background of the cheap and annoying modern pop-music serving with success to zombing and moral decomposition of the human masses. The songs by Aviel Krutinsky have the opposite to the modern pop-music trend spiritual and semantic target - they make people think about the life, help people to make the right choice - a step towards the goodness, and besides that the songs represent the new trend of the modern status and cult music for the serious people who understand the life.

   In august 2018 7 Live Jam albums of Aviel Krutinsky (recorded with the Tube & Reel technology - three albums in English and four in Russian: 01. "Not from This World", 02. "Boomerang Hit", 03. "Mystery Lights", 04. "Спасибо тебе, судьба", 05. "Лежачий камень", 06. "Это не Русь", 07. "С ветром диким по пути")  became available at the biggest streaming services.

   In 2019 Aviel Krutinsky completed the development and integration of his own Know-How hybrid technology of the live sound, which allows performing simultaneously the musical scores of the western and classical guitars, bass guitar, drums, as well as the Rhodes piano, upright piano, grand piano, synthesizer, string quarter and symphony orchestra in various combinations together with the live singing.